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Cultural Appropriation: The Nontheft of Something No One Owns

Media and CulturePolitics


Progressives have created a new thought crime: cultural appropriation. However, one cannot appropriate something that is not owned by anyone else.

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Forced Isolation of Patients in the ICU Is Barbaric and Counterproductive

Bureaucracy and RegulationHealthMedia and CultureThe Police State


When covid restrictions were at their tightest, many people died alone in ICUs, as friends and family were kept away in the name of "public health." A more accurate assessment of the policy is to call it barbaric.

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"Debanking": The Latest Assault on Freedom of Speech

Big GovernmentLawMedia and CultureThe Police StateU.S. Economy


In their war against free speech, progressive governments are now denying dissidents use of the banking system.

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Is the Monopoly Board Game Like Real Markets?

Economic FreedomFree MarketsMedia and CultureEntrepreneurship


Many people believe that the board game Monopoly, developed during the Great Depression, mimics a real-world capitalist economy. Monopoly is a game, not real life.

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Golf Merger Is Opposed by Congress. This Is Misguided

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyMedia and CulturePolitics


Members of Congress claim to be "concerned" over the proposed merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. They should be supporting it or, even better, backing off completely.

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France's Unrest Has Deep Roots. Proposed Immigration Restrictions Will Make Things Worse

Bureaucracy and RegulationImmigrationMedia and Culture


The rioting in France is not due to racism nor is it the logical end of immigration. Instead, it is rooted in France's minimum wage and other labor restrictions that lead to unemployment and resentment.

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Politics Has Infected Everything in Our Society, Especially the Media

Economic PolicyMedia and CultureProgressivism


Modern American media has become so politicized that a once-venerable institution now cannot be trusted.

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The Media and Ukraine War Coverage: Where Truth Takes a Holiday

Media and CultureWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History


Despite the rhetoric we hear from mainstream media organizations, its coverage of the Ukraine war borders on outright propaganda.

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Censorship through the Centuries: Free Speech Suppression by the Government and the Mainstream Media

Media and CultureThe Police StateU.S. History


While Americans believe the First Amendment protects their speech, the US government and mainstream media have joined together to suppress speech that does not coincide with government policies.

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The Government versus the People, Kamala Harris Version

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentMedia and CultureProgressivism


Kamala Harris recently declared that we need to "reduce population." While the White House quickly claimed she misspoke, progressives have given enough near-religious devotion to neo-Mathusianism to convince some of us that Harris meant what she said.

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