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A Procapitalist Philosopher

CapitalismPhilosophyOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology


While philosophy is a discipline that has been hijacked by the Left, once in a while a philosopher comes along and surprises us.

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States Are Dying from Corruption and the Exponential

CapitalismPoliticsThe Police StateWorld History


The state is held together by violence and nothing else. There is no such thing as "the social contract." But even violence cannot make a state last past its time, as we saw with the USSR.

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Does Technical Knowledge Always Lead to Economic Growth?

CapitalismCapital and Interest Theory


Economists and political elites fondly claim that economic growth is due to increased technological knowledge. That is only partly true.

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The Chinese Economy: Market Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Bureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismEconomic FreedomPlanningPoliticsSocialismThe Police StateWorld History


China rose from poverty after the Mao years only because its political leadership embraced private property and a market economy. Unfortunately, today the Communist leadership is moving back to socialism.

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Cultural Change Is Necessary for Capital Development

CapitalismEconomic FreedomLiberalismMedia and CultureWorld History


In order for nations to have capital development and market-based economies, they must have a cultural framework that accepts these developments. Too many nations do not, and they languish in poverty as a result.

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Was Japanese Colonialism the Engine of Later Prosperity for Korea and Taiwan? Probably Not

CapitalismThe EntrepreneurWorld History


While Japan made some technological transfers to these places, prosperity came to them later, with the advent of free-market economies.

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Equality Requires State Violence

CapitalismEconomic FreedomProgressivismSocialism


Although equality and "equity" are modern buzzwords, the only way to reach such a social nirvana is through violent means. Do we really want to go there?

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The Fear of Mass Unemployment Due to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Is Unfounded

CapitalismEconomic PolicyUnemployment


Ever since the Luddites rampaged through British textile factories in the early 1800s, people have feared that technology will result in mass unemployment. They were wrong then and are wrong now.

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How Markets Are Better than Government Regulators at Fighting Corporate Corruption

Bureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismFree MarketsLegal System


Can private markets only be regulated by government? Hindenburg Research's successes against corporate corruption suggest otherwise.

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