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Why the Current Unemployment Is Worse Than the Great Depression

CapitalismLabor and Wages


Even though the official unemployment rate is probably not quite as high as it was in 1933, there are reasons to believe that our labor market is currently in even worse shape economically than it was at the lowest depths of the Great Depression.

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Rothbard on Why We Need Entrepreneurs

CapitalismCapital and Interest TheoryEntrepreneurship


Capitalists and entrepreneurs serve distinct functions in the real economy. Capitalists save money that then maintains production processes until final goods are produced. Entrepreneurs adjust the capital structure in light of uncertainty to produce the most desired goods. Capitalists are ...

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Capitalism Isn't a Modern Invention. It's Medieval.

CapitalismWorld History

06/18/2021Friday Philosophy
Capitalism isn't unique to any particular group. People with the drive to save and invest have always existed; but the idea that this instinct was immoral had to be overcome for markets to flourish.
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The Sterility of Intellectual Standardization


05/05/2021The Austrian
Devine responds to the critics who claim that capitalism is increasingly under attack because it promotes a collapse of moral values. Devine is fully capable of handling these accusations and has written a book worth reading.
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The GameStop Saga Unravels Stakeholder Theory

CapitalismCoordinationU.S. EconomyPolitical Theory

02/06/2021Mises Media
Suddenly the champions of stakeholder theory, like the predictably despicable Washington Post, find themselves singing a new tune about vulture capitalists, deciding that hedge fund short sellers are now the good guys.
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Rich Millennials Plot the End of Civilization

CapitalismMedia and Culture

12/25/2020Mises Media
Millennial Sam Jacobs went off to college a wealthy but normal young man and came back a socialist. Suddenly his family’s “extreme, plutocratic wealth” became too much of a burden for him.
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Why the Marketplace Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

CapitalismMedia and Culture

12/23/2020Mises Media
Market progress through entrepreneurship and innovation means increased production. In a world of scarcity, that benefits all of us in society. That makes it a positive-sum game.
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Markets Aren't about "Using" People. Markets Help People Attain Their Goals.

CapitalismFree Markets

12/19/2020Mises Media
Claims that market arrangements involve the unethical “using” of others are of lengthy pedigree. But they are also of questionable merit.
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Biden’s Covid "Supply Commander" Is Bad Medicine

CapitalismProduction Theory

12/05/2020Mises Media
Joe Biden thinks a centrally planned supply chain for healthcare supplies is necessary, because "We can no longer leave this to the private sector." There are many reasons why this is so very wrong.
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Giving Thanks to Society’s Economic Benefactors


11/25/2020Mises Media
As Thanksgiving approaches, we should be thankful to society’s economic benefactors rather than condemning them because of the wrongheaded ideology of egalitarianism.
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