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Can the Lightning Network Lead to "Hyperbitcoinization"?

BitcoinMoney and Banking


Just as the internet needed web browsers before it could really change the world, Bitcoin needed user-friendly interfaces to grow beyond money and towards being the base layer—the “rails”—for decentralized services built on Bitcoin alone.

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Bitcoin's El Salvador Option

BitcoinMonetary Theory

If Bukele really wants monetary freedom for El Salvador, he should not have presented them with what, effectively, is a government handout for bitcoin hodlers and the companies behind the Strike app and other potential intermediaries.

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Central Banks Put Wind at Bitcoin's Back

BitcoinFinancial Markets


The central banks can be thanked for all bubbles, including those in cryptocurrencies.

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Sound Money Is Key to Defending Our Liberties

BitcoinMoney and BanksStrategy


Ludwig von Mises viewed sound money as a limit on government power and as "an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments. "

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The Government Wants Your Crypto Data. And Lots of It.

Big GovernmentBitcoinThe Police State


Cryptocoins aren't entirely anonymous, and the state is hard at work gathering as much information as it can on all crypto users.

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The Fiat Standard with Dr. Saifedean Ammous

BitcoinMoney and BanksGold StandardValue and Exchange

07/16/2021Mises Media
On the fiftieth anniversary of Nixon's gold shock, The Fiat Standard is an amazing explication of how the West fell to its current state. You don't want to miss this show, especially Saifedean's epic takedown of fiat academia at the end!
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Stephan Livera Interviews Bob Murphy on the Economics of Bitcoin

BitcoinFinancial MarketsMoney and Banks

04/27/2021Mises Media
Bob Murphy and Stephan Livera discuss the economics of Bitcoin from an Austrian perspective.
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88 Years Ago, FDR Banned Gold. Will a Bitcoin Ban Be Next?

BitcoinMoney and Banking

04/13/2021Mises Media
As FDR’s gold crackdown showed, tyrants know the importance of controlling money in a time of crisis. It appears cryptocurrency could be central banks' next target.
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Clarifying the Economic Framework for Both Camps in the Bitcoin Debate

BitcoinMoney and BankingValue and Exchange

04/07/2021Mises Media
On the one hand, the “no intrinsic value” skeptics are ignoring how Austrians deal with gold, while on the other hand, the “HODL forever” enthusiasts would never allow Bitcoin to become a money.
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