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The Mises Week in Review: September 26, 2015

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09/26/2015Mises Institute

Pope Francis made history this week when he became the first pontiff to speak before Congress. While his speech made headlines in calling for global action against the dubious problem of global warming, it became clear that Francis had not listened to the advice of Lew Rockwell or familiarized himself with the works of Tom Woods. In fact, Dr. Woods found himself attacked by Fortune magazine for his principled defense of free markets as a devout Catholic. The real question will be whether Tom’s arrival in Texas next weekend for the Dallas-Ft. Worth Mises Circle will cause fewer traffic problems than this week’s Papal visit.

Speaking of religious figures, the actions of Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve were once again put under the microscope on a new episode of Mises Weekends. Bill Bonner of Agora Financial joined Jeff Deist to discuss what he previously called “the most anticipated move in central bank history.”

Bill Bonner: Empire of Debt

And in case you missed any of them, here are this week’s featured Mises Daily articles and some of our most popular articles at Mises Wire:

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