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Don't Blame Social Media. Blame the Politicization of Nearly Everything

Blog7 hours ago

Although social media is blamed for many social ills, the sickness doesn't come from Twitter or Facebook but from how the ruling classes have politicized life itself.


Markets Promote Real Equality Much More Than Progressive (and Conservative) Critics Claim

Blog7 hours ago

A standard criticism of free markets is that markets promote inequality. It is time to debunk that false claim.

A Looming Recession: How Bad Is It?

Ryan McMaken joins Jeff and Bob for a hard look at the economic reality Americans face today.

We're All Nullifiers Now + Roe v. Wade Talk

06/24/2022Mises Media

Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop talk about the increasing decay of federal legitimacy.

The Pigouvian Tax Is a Myth


Standard neoclassical economics texts claim a Pigouvian tax will lead to the "optimal" price and production of a good. But "optimality" is a myth.

The Consumption Tax: A Critique

06/24/2022Mises Daily Articles

There has been far too much concentration on the form of taxation and not enough on its total amount.

Guns and Self-Defense

06/24/2022Friday Philosophy

As antigun studies surface left and right, it's worth remembering that the right to self-defense isn't merely about being safe. It's about having the choice to defend yourself.

Government Intervention Is Fueling Food Shortages


Neither the Ukraine war nor tough weather changes would threaten a global food shortage in a normal market environment. Unfortunately, world markets are riddled with regulations, killing production.

Who Owns Federal Reserve Losses and How Will they Impact Monetary Policy?

The Fed is losing a lot of money. The Fed's  stated plan is to monetize these losses and still report a positive capital and surplus position through the use of “creative accounting.”



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