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Bryan Caplan Critiques Jeff Deist on Decentralization

Decentralization and Secession


Yes, democracies give leaders strong incentives to adopt popular policies. But if you study public opinion, you’ll discover that neither libertarian nor wealth-creating policies are very popular.

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Racially-Motivated Laws Are a Real Thing — And They End up Targeting Everyone

Legal SystemU.S. History


It's important to recognize racially-motivated laws often have negative consequences for all members of society.

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The First Battle of Bull Run, Part 3: Matthews Hill

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

The morning hours of the First Battle of Bull Run concentrated on Matthews Hill, where the outflanked Confederates tried desperately to hold their ground.

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The First Battle of Bull Run, Part 2: Blackburn’s Ford

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

Three days before the major battle, regiments from the Army of Northeastern Virginia and the Army of the Potomac skirmish on the southeastern point of the Manassas battle site.

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No, Decriminalization of Marijuana Is not Better than Legalization

Bureaucracy and RegulationLegal System


Oddly, some libertarians argue that decriminalization is better than outright legalization. They're wrong. 

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The First Battle of Bull Run, Part 1: Hoke’s Run

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

Chris Calton tells the story of the Army of the Shenandoah and the Army of Pennsylvania, leading up to the First Battle of Bull Run.

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What Is Cultural Marxism?

World HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology


Cultural Marxism is the philosophy that underlies today's trend toward crushing all dissenting opinions.

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War Comes to Virginia

U.S. History

The war in Virginia begins with a few minor skirmishes following the Union occupation of Alexandria and Arlington.

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Three Non-Libertarian Books You Should Be Reading

Legal SystemMedia and CultureWar and Foreign Policy


These three books can open up a deeper understanding of war, drugs, and human society in general.

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