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The Week in Review: July 2, 2016

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Happy Independence Day weekend from everyone at the Mises Institute. It’s fitting that in the week leading up to our American celebration of secession that we have been able to applaud Britain for their own separation from a legislative body that Angel Merkel was forced to admit is about political control, and not free trade. The more the bureaucrats in Brussels try to make the UK pay for Brexit, the more they justify British independence.

Of course the British revolt was a strike not only against the EU, but the machinations of central bankers across the globe. If the UK economy tanks, it won’t be because of Brexit, but the recklessness of the Bank of England. As both Joseph Salerno and Mark Thornton highlighted this week, the fact the world’s most powerful bankers fundamentally misunderstand foundational concepts like interest rates have placed the world in a dangerous position. Which is why marginal reform of these institutions isn’t enough, we need to achieve full independence from the Fed and it’s cohorts around the world.  

Michael Boldin from the Tenth Amendment Center joins Mises Weekends for a discussion of pure tactics and strategy. In the wake of Brexit, do libertarians have a real opportunity to make the case for breaking away? Is it time to stop trying to convince millions that liberty is better, and start unyoking ourselves? Can secession and nullification movements really work against political elites? And how do we get started at the local level?

The start of July is a reminder that Mises U 2016 is close upon us! Some of the greatest scholars from around the world will be gathering at the Mises Institute for the world's leading instructional program in Austrian economics. If you couldn’t make it to Auburn this year, no problem — sign up today for Virtual Mises U and get the academic experience from the comfort of your own home.

As an enrolled student, you can watch live and archived lectures, review and download lecture slides, and access the library of required readings (just like the on-site attendees).

And in case you missed any of them, here are the articles featured this week on the Mises Wire:


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