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Why It's Important to Prepare Students for "Trick Questions"



A "good" education consists of learning how to spot "trick questions" that lead us astray from clear thinking. We often see that every "free lunch" offered by politicians involves at least one trick question.

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Kyle Rittenhouse and the Evil of Generalized Justice

LawMedia and CulturePhilosophyProperty RightsPrivate Property


Will guilt or innocence in criminal trials increasingly hinge on broader desirable social justice outcomes?

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Why Today's Abusers of the Scientific Method Are So Dangerous



It is, ironically, antiscience to ever declare that science is settled. Since man is not omniscient, the future will forever remain unknown, and more data can always falsify current scientific laws.

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Social Justice and the Emergence of Covid Tyranny

Media and CulturePhilosophy


The covid regime has extended and deepened the epistemic crisis inaugurated by postmodernism and practical postmodernism. Science has devolved into a series of non sequiturs backed by force. Science has become postmodern.

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Critical Race Theory Is a Direct Attack on Market Freedom



Critical race theory is the belief that economic prosperity results from racial oppression, not individual wealth creation. This means CRT's supporters are fundamentally opposed to individual human rights. 

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When a Fallacy Isn't Really a Fallacy

Book ReviewsPhilosophy


Michael Huemer has written outstanding book exposing many of the ways that many people fail to misunderstand logical fallacies in many ideological debates today. 

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The Coming Schism in the Evangelical Voting Bloc



What is the modern state? The answer to this question will—and perhaps already has—split the once unified white evangelical voting bloc.

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An "Open Mind" Is of No Use When It's Open to Lies



Countless Americans have been repeatedly told to “follow the science,” supposedly to prove they are not obstinately closed-minded. But the main purpose of it all was just to open people’s minds to what government bureaucrats wanted. 

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John Stuart Mill, "the Marketplace of Ideas," and Minority Opinion



There is little evidence that Mill advocated an unhampered marketplace of ideas. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary—that he preferred a kind of “affirmative action for unconventional opinions.”

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Babbitt Is Back

PhilosophyPolitical Theory


The people selling us democracy believe in it the same way George F. Babbitt believes in a new listing from the Babbitt-Thompson Realty Company.

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