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To Fight the State, Build Alternatives to the State

AntipoliticsPhilosophyStrategyWorld History

04/04/2023Mises Media
The challenge at hand is more than simply opposing the state. Rather, it is necessary to build up, reinforce, and sustain institutions that can offer alternatives to the state.
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Socialism Isn't about Creating Economies. It Is about Amassing Political Power

PhilosophyPoliticsSocialismCalculation and Knowledge

03/26/2023Mises Media
Most socialists are not misguided about how to have a prosperous economy, for that is not their goal.
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Libertarian Law by Democratic Means: Utilitarianism and the Demythologization of Authority

PhilosophyPoliticsPolitical Theory

03/23/2023Mises Media
Mises saw essentialist values as fallacies because they were unverifiable and saw metaphysical ideas as a key component of authoritarianism. His solution was utilitarianism.
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The Balfour Declaration

PhilosophyAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology

03/18/2023Mises Media
Teaching high schoolers economics means teaching Austrian principles.
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Biden's Executive Order on Equity: It Will Create Greater Inequality

Bureaucracy and RegulationPhilosophy

03/12/2023Mises Media
President Biden's executive order to "strengthen equity" in the federal government is doomed to fail. It will create a lot of havoc in the meantime.
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Making Nonsense from Sense: Debunking Neo-Calvinist Economic Thought

Free MarketsPhilosophySocialism

03/07/2023Mises Media
Neo-Calvinist economic thought claims that prices and private property cause scarcity. However, they provide no methodology for their claims.
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Loss of Religious Belief Is a Greater Loss for a Civilized Society

Media and CulturePhilosophyProgressivism

03/05/2023Mises Media
Secularists cheer the decline of religion in Western societies, but that loss comes at a huge cost: the decline of civilization itself.
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Hans-Hermann Hoppe on For a New Liberty at 50

Book ReviewsLibertarianismPhilosophy

01/30/2023Mises Media
No one will read For a New Liberty and not see the world with very different eyes afterward.
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Behavioral Economics Challenges the Rationality of Consumer Choices

PhilosophyPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology

01/11/2023Mises Media
While behavioral economics claims to be an effective way of measuring individual economic behavior, it actually sets back authentic economic analysis.
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