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Unmask America

Big GovernmentHealthPolitical Theory


It is time to get back to normal life, and that starts with visible human faces.

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Why Americans Would Benefit from a Government Default

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending


With default we restore trillions to the private sector and permanently reduce government’s ability to hog the resources we need to maintain prosperity. 

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"The Great Reset" Is the Road to Socialism Mises Warned Us About

Big GovernmentInterventionism


Just as Mises warned, interventionism succeeded where communism failed, successfully toppling governments around the world that never had true respect for property rights.

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The Public Health Officials Say "Trust Us." The Data Says Otherwise.

Big GovernmentHealth


Despite all the data we have on lockdowns, hospitalization trends, and newly emerging vaccination data, one can only marvel at how trust in the public health system and ruling elite can persist in any capacity.

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Against Biden's Mandates

Anti-PoliticsBig GovernmentLiberalismProgressivism


Contra Mr. Biden, this is entirely about freedom and personal choice.

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An End to the Bizarre CDC Rent Moratorium

Big GovernmentPrice ControlsPolitical TheoryPrivate Property


Many landlords just received a crash course about how irrelevant their property rights are in Washington.

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Covid Tyranny Destroys the Myth of "Liberal Democracy"

Big GovernmentThe Police State


It wasn’t "fascism" or "Russia" that normalized lockdowns, mandates, and massive whirlwind profits to politically connected cronies in the West—it was the alleged defenders of "liberal democracy." 

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Tobacco Smokers: America's Most Persecuted Minority

Big Government


If today they come for the smoker, tomorrow they will come for you. Neo-Prohibitionism has been long on the march.

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The Success of Socialist Newspeak

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureWorld History


The socialists have engineered a semantic revolution in converting the meaning of terms into their opposite.

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