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Where the Truth Is Hidden: Debating the Current State of the US Armed Forces

Big GovernmentWar and Foreign Policy


With members of Congress claiming that the Russian invasion of Ukraine somehow threatens the US homeland, it is time to tell the truth about the military threats to this nation.

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The Conservatism of Decolonization

Big GovernmentDemocracyEconomic Freedom


For all the talk of decolonialization, many Third World countries that became independent set up regulatory regimes that mirrored their former "mother" country.

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Lockdowns, Not the Pandemic, Created Havoc

Big GovernmentHealthThe Police State


Those responsible for locking down much of the US during covid blame the pandemic itself for the economic and social havoc that followed. Perhaps they should look at the lockdowns themselves.

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Government, the Centralizing Mindset, and the Idiots in Charge

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationDemocracy


F.A. Hayek wrote that the "worst get on top" when it comes to government. Nearly eighty years after he wrote those words, nothing has changed.

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No, the US Supreme Court Is Not a Meritocracy

Big GovernmentLaw


Pundits demand that US Supreme Court nominees be the "best and brightest" jurists. However, SCOTUS appointments have been and always will be purely political.

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Progressive Governance Needs a Social Credit State

Big GovernmentLawThe Police State


While condemning China's social credit system, American, Canadian, and European progressives are becoming dependent on social credit systems to expand their political and governing power.

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The New Canadian Despotism

Big GovernmentEconomic FreedomThe Police State


By invoking the Emergencies Act, Trudeau has engaged in conduct better suited to authoritarian despots.

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Canada and the West Become States of Unfreedom

Big GovernmentThe Police State


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's heavy-handed crackdown on the protesting truckers and their supporters has exposed a larger agenda of illiberalism by Western governments.

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The New Antieconomics

Big GovernmentEconomic Freedom


Economics starts and ends with scarcity, an inescapable reality of human existence. Antieconomics, personified today by MMT, starts with abundance and works backward. 

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European Government Expansion Did Not Expand the Job Markets

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismCronyism and CorporatismEconomic FreedomSocialismEntrepreneurship


Massive "fiscal stimulus" programs by European governments failed to reduce unemployment. The latest buzzword from the Continent is the "entrepreneurial state," based upon the delusion that government spending and regulation are responsible for wealth creation by private entrepreneurs.

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