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The Week in Review: January 16, 2016

  • The Week in Review: January 16, 2016

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01/16/2016Mises Institute

The global economy continues to wrestle with deflation, with oil reaching its lowest price in over a decade. The economic winds continue to look ominous, with even mainstream outlets questioning whether 2016 could be worse than 2008. Of course much of the week headliners was dominated by political theater, first with the annual absurdity of the President’s State of the Union address and then Thursday’s Republican so-called debate. While it’s nice to see politicians quote Ludwig von Mises, this political season has as much of a chance of resulting in economic sanity as Joe Biden does curing cancer.

The newest episode of  Mises Weekends continues the theme of political theater, taking a look at the visceral reaction to Ted Cruz’s earlier debate comments about gold and monetary policy. Dr. Joseph Salerno joins Jeff to discuss why gold — or currency competition in general — is so offensive to the central planners of both parties. They dive deeper into the fundamental question of a gold standard itself: would it really need to be “imposed” on a country? And how do the Fed's interest rate targeting and open market operations obscure what is really going on with our money?


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