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Irving Fisher
Endorsed by F. A Hayek, it is one of the most important works on 100 percent banking ever written. Perhaps today’s economists at the Fed should take a look. From the preface to the first edition: The revival now of this ancient 100% system, with...
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Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers first went to China in 1984 and he has been tracking it ever since. He saw what was happening there long before the news hit the headlines. He knows its industries and opportunities. He understands the state and how it works there. He...
Ludwig von Mises
In the sequence of Mises’s books concerning policy, this book followed Socialism, and was the first to present a new theory of interventionism. In Mises’s view, interventionism is an inherently unstable policy because it creates new dislocations...
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Robert A. Taft
Written in 1951, Taft argued that the freedom of the people of the United States was — as it is now — in serious danger from the foreign and domestic policies of the political class . From the foreword: Today we face threats to our liberty and...
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Ron Paul
There is one and only one voice in Congress for a foreign policy of freedom, and it belongs to Ron Paul, who has stood alone for freedom for many years. Ron is the seemingly impossible: a voice for reason and truth in a den of thieves. A Foreign...
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Wilhelm Röpke
A Humane Economy offers an understandable and compelling explanation of how economies operate. Over and over, the great Swiss economist stresses one simple point: You cannot separate economic principles from human behavior.
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William H. Hutt
With A Rehabilitation of Say’s Law, Professor William H. Hutt produced a magnificent work that Austrians would love to claim as one of their own, but that Hutt himself viewed as thoroughly classical in nature. The topic addressed here is Say’s...
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