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William Leggett (April 30, 1801 – May 29, 1839) was an American poet, fiction writer, and journalist. He was a laissez-faire populist Jacksonian Democrat, but he often attacked fellow Andrew Jackson supporters for failing to carry their egalitarian principles far enough. He also became an outspoken opponent of slavery.

His more influential editorials have been collected as Democratick Editorials: Essays in Jacksonian Political Economy.

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A Collection of the Political Writings of William Leggett, Two Volumes

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A Collection of the Political Writings of William Leggett , selected and arranged, with a preface, by Theodore Sedgwick, in two volumes. (1839) This collection provides important example of populist laissez-faire opinion from the Jacksonian Era in the United States. In terms of economic...
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The Street of the Palaces


"Have we not, our privileged orders, aristocrats who control, indirectly, but certainly, the political power of the state? ... If any man doubts how these questions should be answered, let him walk through Wall-street."

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