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The Power Elite Revisited

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The revolutionary spirit of C. Wright Mills remains to be recaptured. From his major living disciple, Irving Horowitz, I have received a prolific collection of articles and papers that attempt to clarify the ideas and sources upon which Mills's analysis of American society was based. But nowhere in the academic tones of Horowitz, or in the countless array of Millsian-inspired articles, do we encounter that same unique power to "set things straight", that rare ability to expose and educate, that characterize Mills's work. The starting point for the libertarian thinker must be the Power Elite.

Volume 3, Number 3 (Spring-Autumn 1967)


Moss, Laurence S. "The Power Elite Revisited." Left and Right 3, No. 3 (Spring-Autumn 1967): 39-44.

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