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Left Hegelianism, Arab Nationalism, and Labor Zionism

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

A significant portion of the conflicting leftist ideologies of the contemporary Middle East -in particular, the socialist philosophies of both Arabs and Israelis-is an outgrowth of nineteenth-century social theories and philosophies of history originating from a group of individuals who at one point constituted the Young Hegelians. Moses Hess, Michael Bakunin, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, the respective founders of Zionist socialism, anarchist socialism, and Marxist socialism, were associates in Berlin and Paris in the 1840's who attempted to apply the thought of Hegel to revolutionary, democratic, and communist ideas.

Volume 6, Number 2 (1982)


Halbrook, Stephen P. "Left Hegelianism, Arab Nationalism, and Labor Zionism." Journal of Libertarian Studies 6, No. 2 (1982): 181–199.

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