Journal of Libertarian Studies

Law and the Liberal Society: F.A. Hayek's Constitution of Liberty

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

The nature of political discourse has been significantly altered by the events of recent history, among which has been an accelerating shift of governmental regulation away from directing society by means of general rules to that of ad hoc, administrative commands and discretionary control. This has been accompanied by an apparent general lessening of respect for law and an increased interest in civil disobedience in the name of higher principles. These changes have led to a resurgence of interest in the concept of the rule of law as one of the primary protections which formally organized and highly complex societies can offer for personal freedom and an ordered society.

Volume 2, Number 4 (1978)


Hamowy, Ronald. "Law and the Liberal Society: F.A. Hayek's Constitution of Liberty." Journal of Libertarian Studies 2, No.4 (1978): 287-297.

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