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Felix Morley: An Old-Fashioned Republican Critic of Statism and Interventionism

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

Dr. Felix Morley, educator, scholar and author, has been a staunch defender of federalism, limited government, and Jeffersonian Republicanism throughout his long and distinguished career. As editor of the Washington Post, he received a Pulitzer Prize for his writing. He became President of Haverford College in 1940, and during World War II he served on a number of government committees.

Felix Morley has regularly expressed the libertarian and "isolationist" outlook characteristic of the Old Right. It is with Morley's dissent from the Cold War interventionist consensus that we will be concerned here.

Volume 2, Number 3 (1978)


Stromberg, Joseph R. "Felix Morley: An Old-Fashioned Republican Critic of Statism and Interventionism." Journal of Libertarian Studies 2, No.3 (1978): 269-277.

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