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Austrian Economics Core Curriculum

Austrian Economics OverviewEntrepreneurshipMonetary TheoryPraxeologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

The Mises Academy's seven-lecture Austrian Economics Core Curriculum course lays out the fundamentals of Austrian Economics.
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Toward a Subjective Approach to Investment Appraisal in Light of Austrian Value Theory

Austrian Economics OverviewSubjectivismValue and Exchange

06/15/2016Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This paper explores the implications of Mises’s theory of economic calculation for asset acquisitions and disposals, especially the acquisition and disposal of entire business enterprises.
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The Economics of "Free Stuff"

Taxes and SpendingSubjectivismValue and Exchange

02/22/2016Mises Wire
It’s laudable when we give gifts that are truly ours to give. This should not be confused with giving away the property of others. In either case, if we want more wealth to give away, we have to produce wealth first.
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Why Women Pay Higher Prices for the "Same" Products

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

02/19/2016Mises Wire
Do women really pay more than men for the "same" goods and services? No. Not only are these supposedly identical goods not actually identical, but the consumers value them differently, leading to different prices.
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Are Government Regulators More Virtuous than Everyone Else?

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/29/2016Mises Wire
Economists Robert Shiller and George Akerlof would have us believe that the market sells us things we don’t really want. That’s not true, but even if it were, the proposed solution — government — is even less likely to give us what we want.
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The Market Doesn't Solve Problems; People Do

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/28/2016Mises Wire
Many advocates for free markets often mistakenly speak of "the market" as if markets by themselves somehow solve problems or provide incentives. Only people can do these things, and markets are just a means to an end.
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Un-PC Lego Making Toys Girls Like

EntrepreneurshipSubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/18/2016Mises Wire
Lego has finally managed to attract girls to their products with the Lego Friends line. In response, feminists have denounced the line for being too "girly." But Lego is just responding to market demand and what Mises called consumer sovereignty.
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Defending the Undefendable 2

Calculation and KnowledgePhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeologySubjectivism

Walter Block has assembled thirty chapters defending behavior that is probably offensive to most Americans, such as dwarf tossing and stereotyping, and many that are downright illegal, such as dueling and smuggling. Plus, he's provided us with humorous cartoons at the end of many chapters.
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Basic Principles of Economic Value

Austrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk covers the nature and origin of value, the measurement of value, the value of complementary goods, the scientific significance of subjective value, and the theory of objective exchange value.
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