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David J. Rapp

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Dr. David J. Rapp is assistant professor at the Institute of Accounting at the University of Saarland, Germany.

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Value Investing's Compatibility with Austrian Economics — Truth or Myth?

SubjectivismValue and Exchange

07/13/2017Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This article attempts to illustrate what makes value investing incompatible with Austrian economics and, hence, to terminate a lingering myth.

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Toward a Subjective Approach to Investment Appraisal in Light of Austrian Value Theory

Austrian Economics OverviewSubjectivismValue and Exchange

06/15/2016Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
This paper explores the implications of Mises’s theory of economic calculation for asset acquisitions and disposals, especially the acquisition and disposal of entire business enterprises.

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On Banks’ Decision for Restructuring

Financial MarketsMoney and BanksWorld History

David Rapp discusses his recent book, Zur Sanierungs- und Reorganisationsentscheidung von Kreditinstituten .

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