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Why We Need Private Property to Deal with Scarce Resources

Production TheorySubjectivismValue and Exchange

11/02/2015Mises Wire
Without markets, there is no way to manage scarce resources, and this includes natural resources like forests. Only markets can provide the sort of balanced long-term planning necessary to both utilize and preserve natural resources.
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The Fallacy of "Buy Land — They’re Not Making Any More"

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

09/16/2015Mises Wire
Investors and real estate agents often tell people to “buy land, they’re not making any more!” But in truth, land is heterogeneous, and whether or not it increases in value depends on many factors that can transform nearly worthless land into valuable land.
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Austrian Microeconomics

Austrian Economics OverviewPricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

Taught by Peter G. Klein, this course provides a systematic overview of Austrian microeconomics.
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Subjective Value and Market Prices

Austrian Economics OverviewSubjectivismValue and Exchange

Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 20 July 2015.
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Government Spending on "Innovation": The True Cost Is Higher Than You Think

Calculation and KnowledgeMonopoly and CompetitionSubjectivism

06/15/2015Mises Daily Articles
Many claim that great advances in technology come primarily through government spending on research. In fact, government tech spending crowds out other innovations while favoring certain interest groups at everyone else's expense.
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Do We Want High Prices or Low Prices?

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

04/21/2015Mises Daily Articles
We’re often told that some prices should be high, and some others should be low. But the real goal should not be high prices or low prices, but a price system that communicates what is valued in society.
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The Social Function of Economic Inequality

The EntrepreneurSubjectivismValue and Exchange

12/19/2014Mises Daily Articles
The rich make new resource-intensive products economically feasible. Those wealthy early-adopters of new products act as mannequins on which new products are draped, increasing demand as producers attempt to bring those products to the mass market.
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The Cry for Power: Black, White, and "Polish"

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivism

08/06/2014Left and Right
In recent months, the cry of 'black power!' has been heard resounding in the land. As usual, both Conservatives and Liberals have reacted violently and on the wrong side, each for their different and characteristic reasons. The Conservatives, in their mindless racism, can only react in paranoid...
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The War on Drugs: Who is Winning?

Legal SystemWar and Foreign PolicyPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivism

Interviewed by Paul Molloy, Mark Thornton talks about the economics of prohibition.
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Behavioral Economics and Irrational Voters

Free MarketsPolitical TheorySubjectivism

02/03/2014Mises Daily Articles
The premise of consumer irrationality undermines any faith in the concept of electoral politics.
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