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An Inflation Outlook for the US Dollar in 2022

InflationMoney and Banking


Central bankers are being disingenuous when they insist that rising prices are a temporary phenomenon.

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Monetary Competition: The Best Alternative to Razing Central Banks to the Ground

Central BanksMoney and Banking


"My preference would be that all state central banks would be shut down and razed to the ground, so that true money again could be produced by private firms. If not, at least the competition between national currencies should be as great as possible." –Murray Rothbard, 1993

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The End of the Gold Standard. Fifty Years of Monetary Insanity

Gold StandardMoney and Banking


The gold standard supposed a limit to the fiscal voracity of governments, and suspending it unleashed the perverse proclivity of the states toward indebtedness and to pass the current imbalances on to future generations.

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Why Rothbard Trended on Twitter This Weekend

AntipoliticsMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


On Friday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a link to Rothbard's essay "Anatomy of the State."

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As the Fed Powell Continues to Flail, Could an MMT Fed Chair Be Next?

The FedMoney and Banking


Could progressive pressure, mixed with escalating economic pressure, push White House decision-makers to replace Jay Powell with an advocate of MMT?

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America's First Housing Bubble and the Panic of 1819

Money and Banking


In 1819 America, nobody blamed the effects for the Panic of 1819, they rightly blamed the cause. They blamed the "friendly central bank."

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Can the Lightning Network Lead to "Hyperbitcoinization"?

BitcoinMoney and Banking


Just as the internet needed web browsers before it could really change the world, Bitcoin needed user-friendly interfaces to grow beyond money and towards being the base layer—the “rails”—for decentralized services built on Bitcoin alone.

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Beyond the Fed: "Shadow Banking" and the Global Market for Dollars

Money and Banking


Although it conjures up scary imagery, shadow banking is simply a term for banking operations that occur through financial intermediaries that are not traditional commercial banks.

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Investors Won't Buy the "Transitory" Inflation Line

Money and Banking


Governments always justify printing more money with the excuse that there is no inflation. When inflation rises, they say it is transitory. And when inflation soars, governments blame businesses and shop owners, presenting themselves as the solution with “price controls.”

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There's No Reprieve in Sight from the "Monetary Repression Tax"

Money and Banking


There is nothing new in a fiat-money central bank imposing an effective tax on the public’s holdings of government debt by manipulating interest rates. But few thought it could go on this long. 

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