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Wind Power Is a Disaster in Texas, No Matter What Paul Krugman Says

Blog4 hours ago

Normally the boosters of renewable energy point with pride to Texas, yet when wind collapsed during the deep freeze, suddenly even its biggest fans admit that nobody ever thought it could do the same job as natural gas.


Capital and Labor Both Suffer under Minimum Wage Mandates

Blog7 hours ago

Rising unemployment is just one outcome of minimum wage mandates. Capital accumulation and labor productivity will also be hurt. 

The Weaponization of the Term "Far Right"

03/08/2021Power & Market

Like its close cousin—the neologism "alt right"—far right has become an effective tool for those in the media and politics, used to discredit and smear people who they consider a threat, or with whom they merely disagree.

Why Europe's Left Wants a European Financial Superstate


If Europe wants to build wealth for its poorest members, it needs private entrepreneurship. But entrepreneurs need exactly the opposite of the Keynesian plan for building a European superstate. 

The Fed's Money Supply Measures: The Good News—and the Really, Really Bad News


Here's a likely reason the Fed has chosen to hide its data on government deposits: the explosion of Treasury deposits at the fed “fuels … suggestions that the Fed is directly financing the government [and] foster[s] uncertainty about central bank independence.”

The V-Shaped Recovery Never Happened


Some may remember all that talk about a "V-shaped recovery" last year. That was back when we were being assured that just a few weeks of lockdowns was going to bring the economy roaring back. Clearly, that never happened. 

To Understand Economics, First Understand Private Property


Rothbard recognized that money and exchange could not develop without first establishing private property. So Rothbard also recognized that it was important to develope theories of how private property might come about. 

To Stop the Left, America Needs a Rothbardian Right


Thankfully for the American right, there is another alternative to the neoconservatism of William Buckley, the neoliberalism of Milton Friedman, and the paleo-progressivism of Teddy Roosevelt: the libertarian populism of Murray Rothbard.

Aggregated Data Hides the Damage Done by Minimum Wage Hikes


Much of the harm is disguised by focusing on forecasts of higher aggregate income for the poor. Individuals, on the other hand, are another story. 



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