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Democracy's Road to Tyranny

The popular pastime of modern democracies of punishing the diligent and thrifty, while rewarding the lazy, improvident, and unthrifty, is cultivated via the State, fulfilling a demo-egalitarian program based on a demo-totalitarian ideology.


The Taxation Minimal State

5 hours agoFriday Philosophy
The latest installment in the anarchist-minarchist dispute saga asks: Is there a justification for the taxation minimal state?

As the Fed Powell Continues to Flail, Could an MMT Fed Chair Be Next?

Blog10 hours ago

Could progressive pressure, mixed with escalating economic pressure, push White House decision-makers to replace Jay Powell with an advocate of MMT?

Forced Vaccinations in France Bring Both Repression and Protest


Macron says vaccines are not compulsory for the general public for now, but they are essentially required for anyone who wants to live a normal life. 

Libertarianism: A Fifty-Year Personal Retrospective

07/22/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies

Mark Thornton provides a historical perspective on the growth of libertarianism, showing the limitations of the political path to liberty and the importance of the radical form of libertarianism.

Getting to Galt's Gulch: Everyday Secession


For the libertarian, the way forward is not joining in left-right political boxing matches, but secession. The success of libertarianism is independence from the state’s influence.

Portrait of an Evil Man: Karl Marx

Destructive ideas almost unavoidably derive from a destructive and—in the case of Marxism—rather repulsive person.

Why Are Thieves Stealing So Many Catalytic Converters?


US car owners are being preyed upon by thieves, because South African mine owners are being preyed upon by their government. 

Canada's Wait Times for Healthcare Are Huge. Activists Blame Free Markets.


Canada's "private" long-term care homes are anything but private. But the fact a small sliver of the marketplace is allowed to charge fees for services means activists want even more socialized medicine. 



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