Hayek's Chicago Seminar on Justice and Equality

Political Theory

Blog5 hours ago
In 1950-51 Hayek presented a seminar at the University of Chicago entitled "Justice and Equality." The seminar was opened to faculty and students.

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The Danger of "Public" Education

Big GovernmentEducation

Blog9 hours ago
The key issue in the entire discussion is simply this: shall the parent or the State be the overseer of the child?

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Yes, the Fed Really Is Holding Down Interest Rates

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

Blog12 hours ago
The empirical evidence is clear: the Fed is pursuing an expansionist monetary policy — and the economic benefits have been disappointing at best.

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Will the Work Day Shrink to Four Hours?

Labor and WagesValue and Exchange

Blog12 hours ago
How many hours a job requires depends on the nature of the work. In other words, work is highly heterogeneous.

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The American Bar Association Stifles Legal Education

EducationLegal System

Blog21 hours ago
Ending the ABA's expensive accreditation authority would be a first step to making quality representation available to poor and rich alike.

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Edward Stringham on Radically Rethinking Police

Legal SystemStrategyThe Police State

Ed Stringham and Jeff Deist discuss why the US criminal justice system is broken, and how private security firms could create vastly better outcomes.

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Draghi Doesn’t See "Bubbles" — Let Me Show You Some

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Mario Draghi has many warnings for us about the next crisis, but he fails to note that the artificial creation of money is always behind those crises.

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Week in Review: June 24, 2017

Labor and WagesLegal SystemMedia and CultureMoney and BanksTaxes and SpendingBusiness Cycles

While the Federal Reserve is desperate to depict an optimistic vision for the global economy, their fellow central bankers aren't buying it.

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