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Will Europe's Politicians Ever Get their Coveted Universal Vaccination?

Blog4 hours ago

Politicians around the world have managed to threaten, cajole, and force vaccination on millions of their citizens. But resistance remains, and protests are growing.

The Task Confronting Libertarians

4 hours agoMises Daily Articles

Libertarians must form and maintain organizations not only to promote their broad principles but to promote these principles in special fields.

Milton Friedman Unraveled

01/21/2022The Journal of Libertarian Studies

An advisor of Richard Nixon and a friend of most Administration economists, Friedman has, in fact, served the regime as a sort of leading unofficial apologist for Nixonite policy.

The Problem with Public Goods and So-Called Economic Power

01/21/2022Friday Philosophy

Rothbard exposes a fatal lack of precision with claims about "public goods" and the argument that workers must either work for slave wages or starve.

Central Planners Don't Know What's Best for You


Flawed as we are and with limited knowledge about the world and ourselves, we might not know what is objectively “best for us long term.” Government planners know even less.

Stop Trying to Turn Economics into a Branch of Psychology


It seems the primary work of behavior economics is to "prove" that people are "irrational." Their solution to this irrationalism? More government power and planning.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

01/20/2022Mises Daily Articles

Trade-offs are made necessary by scarcity. Individuals must choose between the alternatives forced upon them by reality. A refusal to acknowledge this leads to big problems.  



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