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Obama's Forgotten Child Hunger Debacle

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Barack Obama promised to "end child hunger" by 2015. Michelle Obama promised to end childhood obesity. Unfortunately, both increased in large part because of the Obama programs. Today, President Biden will declare war on "hunger in America." Stay tuned.

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Genuine Recovery Is Up to Investors, Producers, and Consumer Choice

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Recovery is genuine only when it reaches the masses of individuals. And recovery comes only from the actions of individuals acting in a free market.

How to Think about Economic Theory


Economics is based on human action as purposeful behavior. This means when people act, they try to achieve something. It does not mean that they are always accurate or do the “right thing."

Eat or Heat: Europeans Already Are Facing Previously Unthinkable Dilemmas


The European elites that imposed disastrous covid-19 restrictions, along with "green energy" regimes and sanctions against Russia are now seeing the results of their policies.

Should the Fed Increase the Money Supply in Response to a Growing Economy?


Standard economic theory states that as an economy grows, the money supply should grow with it. Appealing to the Austrian tradition, Frank Shostak shows that belief is mistaken.

Seeing the Student Loan Crisis as a Form of Boom and Bust


Conservatives have missed the point that it is not students particularly that are at fault for the student loan crises, but the entire bureaucratic economic-political system.

The Other Immigration Question: Should People from Wealthy Countries Migrate to Poorer Ones?


While people from poor countries seek to live in places like the USA because of its stable institutions and welfare state, could migration of people from stable countries to less-developed ones make those countries better off?

The Right of Self-Determination


The right of self-determination is the right of the inhabitants of every territory to decide on the state to which they wish to belong.

Democracy and Liberty

09/24/2022Mises Daily Articles

It is generally accepted that a government can enslave the citizens—unless it is a democratic government. Mistake!



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