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Week in Review: July 15, 2017

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Janet Yellen didn't make much news this week when she testified before the House and Senate banking committees. She continued to defend the Fed's low interest rate policy, painted a very optimistic picture of the American economy, and struggled to defend her opposition to Audit the Fed. Unfortunately for Yellen, while she can duck and dodge the questioning of the occasionally hostile legislator, she can't avoid the consequences of the policies of herself and her predecessor. 

The Bernanke-Yellen bubble will lead to the Bernanke-Yellen depression.

On Mises Weekends, Dr. Mark Thornton joins Jeff to explain the "business cycle" for what it really is: a series of booms (credit expansion) and busts (debt deleveraging) engineered by central banks. Mark explains why there's nothing natural, real, or sustainable about the current Yellen boom.

And in case you missed them, here are this weeks Mises Wire articles, covering a wide array of topics including: Yellen's continued denial that anything is wrong, "free" education, Nancy MacLeans distorted view of America, and do we really need the ATF?



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