The Police State

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Cancel Culture: The Digital Panopticon

Big GovernmentThe Police State


Like Bentham's panopticon, modern cancel culture is built upon fear and online bullying, making people police their own thoughts.

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Canada's Impotent Justice System Is the Product of Dysfunctional Canadian Democracy

Bureaucracy and RegulationDemocracySocialismThe Police State


Violent crime is on the rise in Canada, and its progressive democracy is helpless to stop it. Further empowerment of the state makes things worse.

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The Rise of the Medical Security State

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismThe Police State


What happens when covid becomes the excuse for a lawless authoritarianism?

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American Dissident: The Legacy of Murray Rothbard

HealthLibertarianismThe Police StateHistory of the Austrian School of Economics


Murray Rothbard was an elite economist, historian, and avowed enemy of the state. His legacy lives on nearly three decades after his untimely passing.

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Covid-19: Will the Political and Health Scandals Erupt into the Public Light?

Bureaucracy and RegulationPoliticsProgressivismThe Police State


Three years after the covid virus hit the world, we are just starting to take a hard look at the damage caused by the covid restrictions. The "experts" not only were wrong; they were scandalously wrong.

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The State Uses Trauma as a Weapon against Innocent People

The Police State


In its unending quest for power, the state has no problem traumatizing the innocent.

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Authoritarianism Is Not Compatible with Economic Progress: Freedom Is Indivisible

Economic FreedomThe Police StateU.S. History


The belief that a free market economy needs an authoritarian state to support it is mistaken. Mises said it best when he wrote that "freedom is indivisible."

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The Case for Disbanding Public Health Agencies

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivismThe Police StateInterventionism


Public health agencies tend to be treated like authoritative sacred cows. In reality, they have politicized health policies to the point where they really are a health hazard.

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Reclaiming the Antistate Roots of Christmas

The Police StateWorld History


Shortly after hearing about the birth of Jesus, Herod the king tried to have the child murdered. Indeed, Herod's oppressive rule and the predations of the Roman state play a huge role in the Christmas story.

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Historical Christianity as a Liberating Force in China

DemocracyThe Police StateWorld History


The Chinese Community Party's crackdown in Christian churches reflects the perceived antiauthoritarian nature of Christianity and the party's fear of a competing alternative worldview.

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