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Mises University Graduates

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On my recent trip to the Oxford Union debate in the UK I had the good fortune to be able to attend a lecture by Ben Powell at the Adam Smith Institute in London.

Ben attended Mises University in 1999 and 2000 and now teaches economics at Texas Tech University where he is also Director of...

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Can You Get College Credit for Attending Mises University?



According to this Mises U alum, Mises U experience can be applied to some degree programs:

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Economics at Troy University



Many young people want to know what has caused this ongoing economic crisis and many are looking for places to study Austrian free market economics. One University that is often overlooked is Troy University. Its faculty contain several...

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A Series of Lectures with Jesús Huerta de Soto



For students of Austrian Economics in the Spanish-speaking world, Instituto Juan de Mariana has recently posted a sizable number of lectures by Mises Institute Senior Fellow Jesús Huerta de Soto....

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Mises U on



The Mises Institute and Mises Univeristy are mentioned and pictured in this column asking Will Think Tanks Become The Universities of The Future?

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A Mother's Day Gift from the State

EducationMedia and Culture


Mothers of Ohio, here you go. Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray is using your tax dollars to provide you with the gift you desired all along. Though, for some reason, you couldn't recognize that desire -- a breakdown of Thymology I suppose. Regardless...

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Bad News, Comrades: Reading Did Not Improve

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President Bush and the Republicans are no better than the naive Great Society liberals of yesteryear in thinking that a new law and new government spending can accomplish glorious things here and abroad, and one of those programs was called...

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Did you hear the one about how California has abolished home schooling?



Some emails you learn to take with a grain of salt, and the ones last week about how California had banned homeschooling are a case in point. The hysteria was over the top, and the claims lacked important detail - at least that was my impression and I looked no further.

Well, it turns out...

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