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Nock's shocking book on education

EducationMedia and Culture


It is hard to say what is most notable about this book published first in 1931:

1. Albert Jay Nock's incredible disquisition on the...

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Hurwicz Took Part in the Mises Seminar

EducationAustrian Economics Overview


2007 Nobel Prize winner Leonid Hurwicz was a participant in the Ludwig Mises' seminar at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, Hurwicz tells us in his remarks commenting on a paper by Israel Kirzner published...

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The True Cost of Higher Education

EducationFree Markets


Recently the George Washington University surpassed $50,000 per year for undergraduate tuition, making the DC school the nation's most expensive. A cover story in the ...

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Are the Chinese robbing and invading us?

EducationMedia and CultureProduction Theory


The new issue of Chronicles contains the usual odd mix of anti-statism and statism blended into a strange brew that recalls the Free Silver Populism of the late 19th century (down with taxes and up with inflation! Down with Wall Street and up with protection! ). There are good articles...

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Gee, maybe parents are right.

Big GovernmentEducationInterventionism


Because you can never have too many mathematicians, engineers, and rocket scientists ... [1] The eSchool News online headline reads, "Report reveals a disconnect between what policy makers...

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Quote of the Day: Private Schools in Emerging Markets

EducationTaxes and Spending


The Rise of Private Universities:

Public schools teach "students to think about joining the commanding heights, not to become a junior partner in a firm," says University of Illinois economist Salim Rashid...

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Economics or indoctrination

Big GovernmentEducation


The results are in for the first ever National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test in economics -- the feds consider the NAEP to be the "nation's report card." Supposedly, the results show that...

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