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Dr. Patrick Newman, a Fellow of the Mises Institute, is assistant professor of economics at Florida Southern College and a Fellow of its Center for Free Enterprise. He completed his PhD in economics at George Mason University. His primary research interests include Austrian economics, monetary theory, and late 19th- and early 20th-century American economic history. He is editor of Murray Rothbard's The Progressive Era (Mises Institute, 2017), along with his brilliant transcription and editing of Rothbard's "lost' 5th volume of Conceived in Liberty: The New Republic, 1784-1791 (Mises Institute 2019).

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Dr. Patrick Newman on Cronyism in America

Cronyism and CorporatismU.S. History

02/12/2021Mises Media
You will never see the American colonies, revolution, Constitution, or great men like Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson the same way after reading this book. Dr. Patrick Newman joins Jeff Deist for a preview.
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Why Trumpism Might Bring a New Era for Political Parties

Media and CultureStrategyU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

01/07/2021Mises Media
The United States has gone through at least six "party systems." Populism, war, or economic crises usually trigger a change from one system to another.
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The Jacksonians’ Bank War: Liberty versus Power

U.S. History

10/15/2020Mises Media
The Jacksonians saw central banking for what it was: a way of making the rich even richer, while ripping off ordinary people.
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Man, Economy, and State: The Finale

Free MarketsInterventionism

09/11/2020Mises Media
We have reached the end of Murray Rothbard's definitive treatise Man, Economy, and State !
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