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QJAE 21, No. 1 Now Online

The new issue of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics is now available online.

This collection includes an empirical study that identifies research and development as the earliest component of the capital structure, a new translation of Joseph Schumpeter reviewing Frank A. Fetter’s Principles of Economics from its original German, and a review of Murray Rothbard’s The Progressive Era.

Download the full pdf here. 


New-Product Research and Development: The Earliest Stage of the Capital Structure by James E. McClure and David Chandler Thomas

Protected Lying: How the Legal Doctrine of “Absolute Immunity” Has Created a “Lemons Problem” in American Criminal Courts by William L. Anderson and Anthony G. Stair

Schumpeter’s Review of Frank A. Fetter’s Principles of Economics by Karl-Friedrich Israel

Subjectivity, Artibrariness, Austrian Value Theory, and a Reply to Leithner by David J. RappMichael Olbrich, and Christoph Venitz

A BCT is not ABCT: A Rejoinder to Brian Simpson by Shawn Ritenour


How Economics Professors Can Stop Failing Us by Steven Payson. Reviewed by Samuel Bostaph

The Progressive Era by Murray N. Rothbard. Reviewed by Chris Calton

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