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Secession Reconsidered

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07/30/2014Robert W. McGee

The idea of secession has been around ever since there have been governments. It is an especially relevant topic today, as the emerging democracies in Eastern and Central Europe attempt to form new, stable political and economic units. The idea of secession, however, should not be limited to new and emerging democracies. The idea has relevance wherever a substantial portion of the population is dissatisfied with its current political arrangement.

Volume 11, Number 1 (1994)


Robert W. McGee

Robert W. McGee was professor at Seton Hall University and president of the Dumont Institute for Public Policy Research in New Jersey. He has authored or edited more than 30 books and monographs and has written more than 300 articles and reviews for a variety of professional and scholarly journals in economics, law, accounting, taxation and philosophy.

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