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03/19/2000 Mises.org

 Ludwig von Mises hoped to make the ideas of liberty available to the world, and worked his entire life to publish in as many scholarly and popular venues as were open to his ideas.

The same is true of Murray N. Rothbard. As his bibliography shows, he was willing to write for publications with a tiny circulation, in the hope that he could play a part, however small, in combating the domination of public opinion by statist ideas rooted in economic fallacy.

They did not live to see the advent of the Web, but they certainly would have rejoiced at the possibilities.At Mises.org and the Mises Institute, we are committed to using this to bring out crucial Austrian and free-market writings, making them available to students, faculty, and other interested parties the world over. To that end, we have created The Scholars Page, which the home of Austrian classics on the web. Here you will not only find Human Action and Theory and History, but also complete interactive bibliographies of Mises and Rothbard, foreign-language materials, and seminal monographs and essay on Austrian economics by Rothbard, Hoppe, Taylor, and many others.

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