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Knut Wicksell's Tribute to Menger

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Tags History of the Austrian School of Economics

07/30/2014Per Bylund

Volume 14, No. 4 (Winter 2011)


Wicksell's obituary of Carl Menger is here publised in English for the first time, thanks to the efforts of Per Bylund who translated it from the original Swedish. It is a noteworthy piece that deserves publication because Wicksell was a contemporary of the second generation of the Austrian school and an active participant in the later phrase of the marginalist revolution. His jugdements and odservations are of great interest to comtemporary Austrains and historians of economic thought, especially where they conflict with currently prevailing views. Furthermore, since this is not a lengthy obituary, the very fact that Wicksell decided to address certain theoretical and doctrinal issues gives his remarks added weight.


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