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The Economics of the Colour Bar

The Police StateWorld HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory

Who were the original and most passionate opponents of apartheid in South Africa? The classical liberals, and this book was their most important weapon against the problem of racial injustice.

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Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit

EntrepreneurshipMoney and Banking

Knight's groundbreaking study of the role of the entrepreneur in economic life...

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Man and Nature in America

The EnvironmentU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyPhilosophy and Methodology

Man and nature is the basic fundamental fact of history. The relationship is mutual and necessary.

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The New Argument in Economics

Big GovernmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

There has been tremendous acceleration in the past decade in building schools, increasing teachers' salaries, building superhighways, supporting science, aiding the needy, conquering disease, clearing slums, constructing hospitals, building churches, publishing books, performances by symphony...

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What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking

Rothbard boils down the Austrian theory to its essentials. He shows precisely how banks create money out of thin air and how the central bank, backed by government power, allows them to get away with it.

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Economics of the Free Society

Free MarketsAustrian Economics Overview

In 1939, the book was declared contraband, the offices of the publisher broken into, and all copies destroyed.

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Capitalism and the Historians

Booms and BustsWorld HistoryProduction Theory

Even today, social scientists and historians continue to treat the Industrial Revolution as if it were the beginning of the end of civilization. What the essays in this book do is show the opposite.

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America's Great Depression

The FedU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryBusiness CyclesMoney and Banking

This book applies Austrian business cycle theory to understanding the onset of the 1929 Great Depression.

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The Panic of 1819: Reactions and Policies

Booms and BustsU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryBusiness Cycles

The panic of 1819 was America's first great economic crisis, and this is Murray Rothbard's masterful account — the first full scholarly book on the topic, and still the most definitive...

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