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The Theory of Prices: A Re-Examination of the Central Problems of Monetary Theory, Vol. II

Money and BankingPrices

From the author: In the first volume of this work, I set myself the task of welding into a single, unified organon the disparate, and often apparently contradictory, analytical approaches to certain "central problems of monetary theory." In the present volume, I have set myself the task...

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Fabian Freeway: High Road to Socialism in the U.S.A.

Big GovernmentU.S. EconomyOther Schools of Thought

Fabian Freeway documents the rise and progress of socialism in Britain and the United States and tells the story of the many early triumphs of the philosophy of socialist incrementalism known as Fabian Socialism

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Time Will Run Back

Media and CultureCalculation and Knowledge

This novel by Henry Hazlitt explores the economic theories of capitalism and socialism.

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Selected Writings on Economics

The science of Political Economy is, at present, in that state of imperfect development, which, though most attractive to the student who has made some proficiency, throws the greatest difficulty in the way of a beginner, and, consequently, of a teacher, and offers the fairest scope to the...

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Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages

PricesProduction TheoryValue and Exchange

The inquiry into the causes affecting wages is the most important branch of political economy.

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The Philosophy of Ownership

Political Theory

LeFevre presents the entire libertarian case for private ownership, with his characteristic clarity of exposition.

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The Roots of Capitalism

Free MarketsWorld History

Capitalism is a system that can stand on its own attainments, writes John Chamberlain, and he offers here a fast-paced, provocative look at the intellectual forces and practical accomplishments that have created American capitalism.

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International Trade and the National Income Multiplier

Global Economy

The Aims of this Book are threefold. One of the objectives is to reconsider those parts of the theories of international trade and capital movements which can be profitably analyzed with the technique of the money-income multiplier. Furthermore, an attempt is made to develop the multiplier...

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The Theory of Political Economy

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

The science of Political Economy rests upon a few notions of an apparently simple character. Utility, wealth, value, commodity, labour, land, capital, are the elements of the subject; and whoever has a thorough comprehension of their nature must possess or be soon able to acquire a knowledge of the...

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