Past Events

Libertarian Scholars Conference

September 28, 2019


The King's College, New York

The Mises Institute's Libertarian Scholars Conference is September 28 at The King's College in New York City.

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Mises Institute in Seattle: Why American Democracy Fails

September 14, 2019


Bellevue, Washington

Join Bob Murphy, Jeff Deist, Darren Brady Nelson, Ilana Mercer, and special guests for lunch and baseball in Seattle!

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Lew Rockwell speaking at Ron Paul Institute's "Breaking Washington's Addiction to War"

StrategyPolitical Theory

August 24, 2019


Washington Dulles Airport

Lew Rockwell joins Ron Paul, David Stockman, Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Rick Sanchez, Nathan Goodman, John Duncan, Daniel McAdams, and more.

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Capitalism and Morality 2019 Seminar

Decentralization and SecessionPolitical Theory

August 3, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Jeff Deist will deliver the keynote lecture at the "Capitalism and Morality" seminar in Vancouver.

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Summer Seminar Series

July 25, 2019


Auburn, Alabama

This summer, join us at the Mises Institute for our weekly seminar series.

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"Taking Rights Seriously" Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

July 15, 2019


Auburn University

Join the students and faculty of Mises University for this exciting evening with one of the great scholars, speakers, and champions of liberty of our time.

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