Mises Club Events

One of the questions our Members ask frequently is, “How can I connect to other Mises Members?” We have the perfect answer: a Mises Club Meetup.

The Mises Club Meetup idea was born from the desire of Mises people to be connected with and part of a local community of like-minded individuals. To gather together now and again with people who share their deep concerns about creeping socialism, interventionism, and tyranny. And to enact with other passionate people who understand that the mainstream has gone in unhealthy directions that are destructive to our society and culture.

The Meetups are non-sponsored Mises Institute events. They are wholly conceived, planned, and hosted by local Mises people. The Mises Institute happily supports the Meetups with handouts and printed informational material. We do not give out our mailing list but offer to alert people in the nearby region that an event has been planned.

The Meetups are a grassroots movement that continues to spread and grow. Meetups have already taken place in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Alabama, and Wisconsin. If you are interested in hosting a Mises Club Meetup in your area, please watch the video on this page.

Upcoming Events

1. May 18: Mises Club Tampa Bay will host its quarterly Meetup in May to discuss the role Austrian economics played in the nontraditional educational path of the Shrader family, and how it led them to form their nonprofit, Liberty Villages. The event will be at the Bitcoin Bay Foundation, 4007 N Taliaferro Ave., Tampa, on Saturday, May 18. The Meetup will go from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Attendance is free, and drinks and snacks will be available for optional purchase.

Pre-registration is required for this event. Please RSVP to Amber Shrader, ambershrader@libertyvillagesinc.org.

2. August 9-11: Mises Club Carolinas will host their tenth Meetup at Sugar Mountain, NC. Andrew Johl, the Director of Operations of Sugar Mountain Resort, will host the event on “Misesean Solutions to Everyday Challenges.” This will be a weekend retreat of fun and learning for the entire family. 

For details and registration, please contact Kent Misegades, kent.misegades@gmail.com.

3. October 19: The Mises Club Carolinas will host its eleventh Meetup in Wake Forest, NC. The event will discuss restoring industrial arts to K-12 education, workforce development, careers without college, and the Swiss dual education program implemented at Superior Tooling. There will be a tour of Superior Tooling followed by a dinner and speeches in Wake Forest, north of Raleigh.

For details and registration, please contact Kent Misegades, kent.misegades@gmail.com.

If you have general questions regarding Mises Clubs, please contact misesclub@mises.org.

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