Elections and the Economy: Do They Really Matter?

Fort Myers Circle 2024
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Join us in Fort Myers, Florida, on November 9, 2024, to cut through the political noise and discuss the state of the economy. We’ll peel back the layers of the establishment narrative and examine the real ramifications of the election.

It seems that no matter what happens in politics, the government grows in size and scope, leaving many to wonder about the consequences of the elections for true economic stability. We know we cannot trust the mainstream narrative, which is why we’ve put together a roster of speakers who will tell the truth.

Distinguished speakers Tom DiLorenzo, Mark Thornton, and Murray Sabrin will challenge prevailing economic myths and take a critical look at the US political theater, offering insights into how political interventions distort our economy. It’s an opportunity to move beyond partisan rhetoric and examine the way the government affects our lives and livelihoods.

Prepare to challenge the State’s power, question the establishment media, and uncover the truths that lie at the heart of the relationship between elections and the economy.

We’ll meet at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa on Saturday, November 9. Registration is $65 for Mises Members and $85 for Nonmembers and includes all lectures and a catered meal.

Special thanks to Murray and Florence Sabrin for sponsoring this event.

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