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Immigration Reform: The Monsters Under the Bed


From the University of Chicago’ John H. Cochrane a very good read on the dangers to liberty built into the Senate version of “immigration reform” in today’s WSJ. See: “Think Government Is Intrusive Now? Wait Until E-Verify Kicks In - There's a monster lurking in proposed immigration reform, one that bureaucrats will find irresistible.”


Massive border security and E-Verify are central provisions of the Senate immigration bill, and they are supported by many in the House. Both provisions signal how wrong-headed much of the immigration-reform effort has become.


Every tyranny silences opponents by controlling their ability to earn a living. How is it that so many supposedly freedom-loving, small-government Republicans want to arm our nation's politicized bureaucracy—fresh from the scandals at the IRS and elsewhere—with the power to do just that? Why are we so afraid of immigrants that we would jeopardize this most basic guarantee of our political liberties?


In the current vision of immigration reform, millions will still be trying to sneak in, and millions more will remain here working illegally. E-Verify and the border security wall prove it. If people could work legally, there would be no need for a system that endangers everyone's liberty to "verify" them[emphasis mine]. And there would be no need to build a $45-billion monument to imperial decline— our bid to outdo the walls of Hadrian, China and Berlin—to stop them.

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