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Debt Repudiation after Reconstruction


In light of MNR's article, the question has come up about more references to the repudiation that followed Reconstruction in the South. John Tice Moore, "Redeemers Reconsidered: Change and Continuity in the Democratic South," in C. Vann Woodward: A Southern Historian and His Critics, ed. J. H. Roper (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1997), and J. Mills Thornton III, "Fiscal Policy and the Failure of Reconstruction in the Lower South," in Region, Race, and Reconstruction, ed. J. Morgan Kousser and James M. McPherson (New York: Oxford University Press, 1982) may be of some help.Also, the standard "Dunnning School" anti-Reconstruction works might be useful, e.g., Walter L. Fleming, Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama (reprint 1978). The Dunningites pretty much have a book on each state.



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