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Maatskappy, State, and Empire: A Pro-Boer Revision

The Journal of Libertarian Studies

As we approach the centennial of the Second Anglo–Boer War (Tweede Vryheidsoorlog, or “Second War for Freedom”), reassessment of the South African experience seems in order. Whether the recent surrender by Afrikaner political leaders of their “central theme” and the dismantling of their grandiose Apartheid state will lead to heaven on earth (as some of the Soweto “comrades” expected), or even to a merely tolerable multiracial polity, remains in doubt. Historians have tended to look for the origins of South Africa’s “very strange society” in the interaction of various peoples and political forces on a rapidly changing frontier, especially in the 19th century

Volume 14, Number 1 (1999)


Stromberg, Joseph R. "Maatskappy, State, and Empire: A Pro-Boer Revision." Journal of Libertarian Studies 14, No. 1 (1999): 1–26.

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