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Jim Grant: What the Fed Calls Deflation is Actually Progress

The FedFinancial MarketsMoney and BanksCalculation and KnowledgePrices

Jim Grant recently appeared on Yahoo Finance and criticized central bankers and economists who fear deflation.
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Falling Oil Prices and the Fallout

Booms and BustsU.S. EconomyPrices


What does a fall in oil prices mean for our boom - and bubble-based economy?

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Should Government Stabilize the Price Level?

Money and BankingPrices


Below, Rothbard explains that one reason given in support of a government-regulated monetary system is that it would allow for imposed stability of prices.   Rothbard explains why “stabilization” in prices is a misguided program. He wrote this in...

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International Conference of Prices & Markets Coming Soon

Financial MarketsPrices


Reflective of the growing international participation at the Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference, the event will be rebranded as the International Conference of Prices & Markets in concert with the Mises...

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