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Hunter Hastings is a member of the Mises Institute, Business Consultant, and co-chair of the Rescue California Educational Foundation. He is also host of the Economics for Business podcast. You can find Hunter’s writings on entrepreneurship at

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Are Capital Markets Corrupt?

Corporate WelfareFinancial MarketsMonopoly and Competition

12/09/2022Mises Media
Hunter Hastings joins Jeff for a thoroughgoing discussion of how monetary and fiscal policy distort capital markets and create perverse incentives for financialization rather than real production.
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Do We Really Need Big Corporations?

01/23/2022Power & Market

Big corporations are often "contracapitalist." Does a decentralized world need them?

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Panel: “Entrepreneurship vs. The State”

The EntrepreneurStrategy

11/12/2021Mises Media
Recorded in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 22, 2021.
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Rothbard and Adam Smith

Book ReviewsHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsOther Schools of Thought

10/08/2021Mises Media
Was Rothbard's harsh criticism of Adam Smith justified, or was Smith actually an early and valiant proponent of laissez-faire? Hunter Hastings and Jonathan Newman join Jeff Deist to discuss.
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Compounding Shortfalls in Innovation

08/30/2021Power & Market

If we fall behind, the distance we have to go to recover becomes exponentially longer

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