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A World without Political Leaders?

World HistoryPhilosophy and Methodology


Manent insists that if political leaders don’t lead society, we will have a society that isn’t led by political leaders. So what?

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Why Mainstream Economic Forecasts Are So Often Wrong

Money and BankingPhilosophy and Methodology


Thanks to politics, confirmation bias, and bad monetary economics, central banks have a lousy record when it comes to economic forecasts. 

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The Problems with Marx's Dialectic

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


The Marxist dialectic was purported to explain every development in Soviet society. But so much wishful thinking was required that eventually it all just became a subject for jokes.

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Mises and Philosophical Minimalism

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Mises defends praxeology using philosophical minimalism, that is, by sticking to the core fact that people act and make choices.

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Why It's Important to Make the Moral Case for Capitalism

CapitalismMedia and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology


Yes, capitalism is more efficient than socialism, but to build a compelling argument for free market capitalism, defenders of liberty must also articulate that it is a superior moral system.

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Quantitative Methods in Economics Can Describe—but Not Explain—Events

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Human action cannot be analyzed in the same way that one would analyze objects. These quantitative methods do not improve our knowledge of the driving causes in economics.

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Mises's Vision for Value-Free Economics

Philosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


If you say to someone that he won’t get what he is aiming for by using the means he has chosen, you aren’t making a value judgment yourself. You are making a strictly scientific statement. 

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A Clash about Morality in Wartime

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory


Hurting innocents is never okay, but apologists for the bombing of Hiroshima and other state atrocities find this "purist" position inconvenient.

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The Problem of Measuring the Utility Gained from Taxes

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivismValue and Exchange


Interpersonal utility can't be measured. After all, if you can't measure a single person's utility, it makes no sense at all to measure one person's utility against that of another. 

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Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human

HealthMedia and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology


Government planners have embraced a materialistic view of human beings which cheapens the importance of family and social events. These "experts" fail to understand what being human really means. 

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