Monopoly and Competition

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ESPN and the Bursting of the Sports Bubble

Media and CultureMonopoly and Competition

ESPN is losing 10,000 customers per day, and this means big trouble for all of the sports entities that depend upon the big payouts that ESPN provides.
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Week in Review: April 15, 2017

Free MarketsU.S. EconomyMonopoly and Competition

This week, President Trump decided Candidate Trump was wrong about the Federal Reserve,
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United Airlines Violence Illustrates the Problem with Government Monopolies

Monopoly and CompetitionPrivate Property

If airlines had monopoly power like states do, they could abuse people a lot more and face far fewer consequences.
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Consumers — not Uber's CEO — Are Responsible for Uber Drivers' Falling Income

Monopoly and CompetitionPrices

If Uber drivers think fares are too low, they should complain to consumers, and not to Uber's management.
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Trump Cuts Subsidy to Real Estate Industry, Opponents Call It a "Tax Increase"

Taxes and SpendingMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

The FHA has long subsidized home loans and home sales with its federal insurance program. Banks and Realtors want to keep the money flowing.
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Mexicans Are Blaming "Neoliberalism" for Socialism's Failures

Global EconomyMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


A state monopoly on the oil industry has been impoverishing Mexicans for decades. Yet, the market is blamed for the economy's woes.

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The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition


In the early years, the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony had little to be thankful for until they gave up on dreams of utopia and turned to markets instead.

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The Democracy of the Marketplace

Monopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


The polling booths of the market are ubiquitous, many are open 24 hours a day, and offer a daily plebiscite in which consumers express their values.

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Blame Government, Not Markets for Monopoly

Corporate WelfareMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


Monopolies and cartels are creations of government, not markets.

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"Sharing Economy" Reveals that Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down the Competition

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


Alarmed by successful entrepreneurship and low prices for consumers, government seeks, yet again, to shut down small businesses.

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