Monopoly and Competition

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The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition


In the early years, the pilgrims of Plymouth Colony had little to be thankful for until they gave up on dreams of utopia and turned to markets instead.

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The Democracy of the Marketplace

Monopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


The polling booths of the market are ubiquitous, many are open 24 hours a day, and offer a daily plebiscite in which consumers express their values.

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"Sharing Economy" Reveals that Licensing Laws Are Really About Shutting Down the Competition

U.S. HistoryMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


Alarmed by successful entrepreneurship and low prices for consumers, government seeks, yet again, to shut down small businesses.

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Baby Steps Toward Marijuana Legalization in Poland

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory


A Polish politician's severe illness has suddenly put legalization of medical marijuana on the table.

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Cronyism: Government, the AMA, and Med Schools

HealthU.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition


For decades, governments have been manipulating our views of what medical schools are, and what they should be.

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Free Trade Wins: The TTIP Is in Trouble

Global EconomyTaxes and SpendingMonopoly and Competition


Free-trade deals — which are more about increasing government power than trade — are in retreat in the face of Brexit and Trump.

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Coca-Cola, Cronyism, and the War on Drugs

Corporate WelfareU.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition


Coca-Cola still uses components of the cocaine-producing coca leaf in its production today in a partnership with big pharma and government cronies.

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The FDA’s Cigar Fascism

The EntrepreneurGlobal EconomyU.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition


New FDA regulations — like most crony capitalist regs — will help large established businesses while hurting smaller ones.

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Tax Breaks Don’t Hurt Video Games, Intellectual Property Does

Legal SystemMedia and CultureMonopoly and Competition


If we want gaming to develop as a vibrant community of original content creators, we must first and foremost reject protectionism in the world of ideas.

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